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Natural Ramadan-friendly Hay fever remedies

Hey loves.  It's actually not Easmin here today but her daughter. With a new job and a move to a new house not too long ago, finding the time to sit down and blog has been pretty difficult. I can’t say that I’ll be posting all the time but I will try my hardest to guest blog as often as possible, but without further ado – here are some Natural, Ramadan friendly hay fever remedies!
With the month of Ramadan and summer in full swing, for hay fever sufferers it’s hard to find a way to enjoy the pleasant but rare weather without waking up with golf ball eyes. Without stating the obvious, we can’t eat anything to help with the hay fever struggle during our fasts so what are our alternatives?! Being someone who struggles with hay fever myself, particularly itchy eyes, here are some natural remedies which I have found have given me almost instant relief.
1) Green Tea Who said anything about drinking? For anyone who suffers with itchy, puffy eyes. This will be your SAVIOUR. Many people do not kn…