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My winter skincare SOS

Hi Lovelies!

This is a longish post about my personal beauty routine for morning and night which has been highly requested via Facebook and Instagram from some of my lovely friends & followers!

My routine like most people changes seasonally and as my skin requires but recently I have made a very conscious change in product selection. This has been since I've found out about certain brands which are pro Israel and support the horrific situation in Palestine/Gaza and some who make huge monetary contributions towards arming the Israel army.

I will only mention the few brands that I've chosen not to use any longer because of the above but not go into whole list of boycotted companies as this post isn't about that but if anyone is interested then you can have a peek for a whole list of companies provided by another blogger here

My routine as a mum is pretty basic and quick as I have minutes really to do them but they need to be efficient as I have difficult oily combination skin.

Morning Routine

Step 1 Cleanse

Weleda Aknedoron Cleansing Lotion. £9.95 you can purchase here

This cleanser is really easy to use and is suitable for anyone with problematic skin type.

This is a watery lotion which smells absolutely gorgeous. You can really smell the citrus taken from the essential oils of orange and grapefruit.

This can be used directly onto dry or wet skin, can be wiped off with a cotton wool wipe or using a wet flannel/ facial cleansing sponge which what I generally like to do and splash with water to finish.
The lotion leaved your skin feeling smooth and cleansed and slightly greasy to touch, odd I know but still feels clean. This lotion  does not strip your skin off it's natural oils which in turn can leave your skin feeling tight and irritated.

I replaced my all time favourite face wash from Origins 'Checks and Balances' as Origins as its a part of the Estee Lauder Company which is on the Boycotted list for their staunch support of Israel with this and I am actually happier in more then one way as this is a bargain compared to the Checks and Balances which was a hefty £18.50

This is probably not suitable who like a foaming face wash as this is definitely not foaming and is more of a milky watery lotion

Step 2 Tone

Bioderma Sebium H2O - Purifying Cleansing Micelle Sloutiuon. £9.99 you can purchase here

This is my HG product! Since I started using this over a year ago now I've not been able to live without it.

I was one of those people who just didn't see the point of using a toner and now I cannot live with out this honestly.

I have regularly over the years suffered from hormonal breakouts along my jawline and this has completely eradicated the problem.
The hype on the Bioderma is for real and the red version Bioderma Sensibio which is suitable for sensitive skin is always in my pro makeup kit to use on clients and have had amazing feedback "like what did you use on my face? "it felt so amazing and left my skin feeling completely soft and different then usual"

Just a couple of swipes on a cotton wool pad over you problem area twice a day is enough to keep it in optimum health.

This is a must have for anyone who suffer's from monthly hormonal breakouts!!

Step 3 Moisturise 

Soap & Glory - Make Yourself Youthful Serum £16.00 you can purchase here

Sometimes I have 2 steps to my moisturising routine and it really depends on the weather and how my skin is behaving overall.

I have been using the Soap and Glory Serum only for about a week and it has replaced my Boots NO7 Protect & Perfect Serum which was a a whopping £23.95. ( I use serums as a day moisturiser)

I think price wise the £16.00 is much easier on the purse as you would agree. I only changed from the Boots serum as I've been using it on and off for the last 5 years and I feel that it's just not doing anything to my skin anymore and when the 3 for 2's are not on at boot's the price tag does hurt as you are getting 30ml which in winter months can disappear pretty quickly.
 The Soap & Glory so far is faring quite well and I haven't suffered any adverse reactions or anything and I'm actually loving the feel of the product on my skin. The packaging is fab as per usual from Soap & Glory range. They do actually do 2 different type's of serums and the other is a much more souped up version of this serum with more hard hitting moisturisers like 'coconut oil and something called maracuja oil' which I've stayed away from as I'm a tad cautious with anything with coconut oil for my skin as I've reacted on a few occasion's when used.
The serum is recommended as use alone or with your regular moisturiser going on top. Most serums always recommend moisturising on top but this really works well alone too. The serum works really well as a base for makeup and I feel that I don't need to use a primer unless I'm wearing a full face of products for a special occasion. (eg layering foundation, concealing, contouring etc)

As mentioned above I do sometimes have a 2nd step to the moisturising and that includes the Weleda Iris lotion.

Weleda Iris Moisture Balancing Hydrating Facial Lotion. £12.95 you can purchase here

This lotion goes straight on top of the serum especially when my face feels more dehydrated or have drier patches due to the colder weather we've been having lately. I only use the lotion on the parts where it's most needed and not all over as I had done in the warmer summer weather without the serum. The moisturiser is a very cheap alternative to my favourite winter cream which was the Kiehls 'Ultra Facial Cream' but as explained already I have stopped using products which I don't believe are ethically or morally sound. The cream is also very similar to the Dr Hauschka's Melissa day cream but that's a whopping £25 for 30ml and this truly is a steal at around £12. The lovely gel like lotion hydrates and cools my skin without leaving it feeling oily or clammy and I can put makeup straight on top without any fuss. I'm still thinking of investing in the night cream and that's on my buy list at the moment and will review once I have used for a few weeks. This is a great buy for troubled, combination skin and I really can't seem to do without.

Evening Routine

Step 1 Cleanse

I have 2 stages to my night-time cleansing routine and that is just to make sure that I get every last bit of dirt off my face but I don't use any special brush's or gimmicks. Just try and keep it as simple and quick as I can.

I always remove my eye-makeup with a makeup remover or lately just with wipes. I love the Boot's own makeup remover wipes which comes in fragrant free as my skin cannot tolerate anything with strong fragrances. It's an easy way of removing your daily makeup and doesn't cost a lot of money. I also keep these in my Makeup Kit for clients.
The second stage is to make sure I get the whole days' worth of debris off my face and I do this using the gel cleanser below.

SBC 3 in 1 Cleanser. £6.60 which you can purchase here

This gel cleanser contains botanical extracts of ginkgo biloba and green tea to brighten and freshen the complexion, removing all traces of makeup and impurities whist toning. This is not a foaming wash and can be used with cotton wool pads to wipe off without washing with water or can be used with water if that is your preference as I do. I tend to use it with my facial sponge and it leaves my skin tingling clean and without any tightness. As you can see in the image this 250ml tube is nearly finished and a replacement is on it's way. A tube of 250ml will last an average of 6 to 9 months as a little goes a long way.

Step 2 Tone

As above with my favourite Bioderma Sebium H2O - Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution.

Step 3 Moisturise.

Bio-Oil (Purcellin Oil) £19.99 200ml you can purchase here

I have been using this amazing oil on my face on and off for a couple of years. I don't really buy night creams as per se and this is what I use when I feel that my face could do with some additional attention. I normally just use my serum along with my regular moisturiser on top but this I use when I feel my skin is looking a bit dull or dehydrated and uneven and this sorts it out pronto. This oil is suitable for combination/oily skin types as it is non-comedogenic and will not break you out or block your pores as that what non-comedogenic means. This fantastic oil is made from a potent combination of  vitamin A, vitamin E, Calendula oil, Lavender oil and Camomile oil. This oil is a specialised product for scars and stretch marks and is great for anyone suffering from acne scarring or pregnancy related stretchmarks, dehydrated skin and improves uneven skin tones.

Dr.Organic Pure Vitamin E Oil Complex £8.79 you can purchase here

I also use this pure vitamin E oil as an eye cream alternative. It is a complex of organic rose oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil which provide a perfect balance of properties suitable for the most sensitive of skin types whilst helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and general appearance of uneven skintone or dark circles. You can also use the oil taken from a Vitamin E capsules by puncturing the gelatin case of the capsule using a sterile needle/safety pin and use the oil directly around your eye area. I find this task a bit fiddly and just invest in a bottle of the actual oil as mentioned above.


Dermalogica is my all time favourite problem solver brand. Dermalogica taught me how to respect and treat my skin in prevention rather then cure for problems.

These 2 products are in my bathroom cuboard at the moment and yes, they do come with a hefty price tag but they go along way and my pot of exfoliant has lasted me almost 2 years as I only use when needed.

Daily Microfoliant 75ml £41.30 you can purchase here

This is what I always go back to when I feel that my daily skincare regime is not being efficient. 
This exfoliator is suitable for all skin types/conditions and can be used as often as you like unlike other exfoliators which are usually recommended 2 to 3 times a week. This very thin powder containing papaya, rice enzyme and salicylic acid which polishes your skin without making it feel like it's being stripped off it's top layer. It's a non grainy powder which brightens and smooths.  
(I also use regular sugar mixed with my normal cleanser to exfoliate when needed) I also like to use 
St Ives Blemish Fighting Exfoliating wash. you can buy here 

Demalogica Skin Hydrating Masque 75ml £32.70 you can purchase here 

This gel masque is magic in a tube if you have really dehydrated skin from the cold weather that we've been having lately. This will help soothe and restore your skin moisture level with it's complex combination of botanicals, antioxidant's and hyaluronic acid which helps to trap moisture. 

This can be used all over the face, neck and around eye area. 

Dermalogica is perfect for sensitive skin too as it's free from all artificial colour and fragrance and will not irritate or cause sensitivity. I am forever grateful to the lovely makeup consultant at the Selfridges, Bobbi Brown counter who suggested I try this range almost 10 years ago.

I hope you all found this post useful and if you have any HG products that you cannot live without then do leave me a note down below as I am forever looking for cost effective, high performing skincare.

That's all for now!

Good bless and Season's Greetings to all who are celebrating!

Easmin xx



Ex1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Reviewed!

Hi beautiful peeps!
Hope everyone's well and learning how to swim! 
It seems that we in the UK are getting more rain then the monsoon season in India and it doesn't look like it's going to be letting up anytime soon :(
Now that we've made a bit of chit chat lets get on with the review of this EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation which has been manufactured by Farah Naz.
I purchased this foundation from Top Shop in central London for £10.50 you can purchase this here The size is 30ml and Top Shop has the whole range available to test and sample.

This is what it say's on the EX1 Website about the foundation..


 A lightweight and luminous liquid base, formulated with light diffusers which unify skin tone and cover imperfections effortlessley. Specially designed 'true colour' pigments work perfectly with your skins natural tones in a velvety smooth ultra-blended formula. Cleverly designed light diffusing particles detract attention away fro…

What's on your lips?

Do you always know what your wearing on your lips? or do you just know the name of the brand & shade?

With Red lipsticks being very popular at the moment and me trying to find my perfect shade of red I found out a few more things then I had anticipated....

Well this may not be news to some people as it was to me but it really did shock me to find out that nearly 50% of all lipsticks manufactured in the US contains pig fat to give the shiny appearance! 

I always thought to myself that in this day and age where there are so many synthetic & vegetarian alternative's cosmetic companies wouldn't still be using animal derived ingredients but I was very disappointed by what I found.

The very brief summary below shows a list's all the animal, fish, insect derived ingredients which are used routinely in majority of lipsticks here in the UK.

Names of animal derived ingredients.

Wax (usually beeswax)  provides the solid shape of the lipstick.

Glycerine (usually an animal or vegeta…

*Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation versus *Urban Decay NakedSkin Liquid Make-Up swatches

Hello my lovelies!

Today's post is all about my latest foundation swatches for shades suitable for mid-tone South Asian skin colouring (as in me) or Olive skin tones without too much yellow.  
The samples I picked up are from Benefit and Urban Decay.

I picked up 2 of each from the 2 different brands and was colour matched by the make-up consultant and was given 2 samples from each to try out at home, which is great as its really difficult to get a real match under the store lights..

The foundation swatches that I am reviewing today are 'Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW from Benefit (shades *Beige & *Toasted Beige)  
Naked Skin Liquid Make-Up from Urban Decay (*shades no 6 & 7) which is the first Foundation by Urban Decay. They do have a Beauty Balm but I was looking for a natural finish foundation for everyday use during the summer months..

Now  the 1st review is of the *Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation from Benefit and this is what it says on their website about the product: