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Natural Ramadan-friendly Hay fever remedies

Hey loves.  It's actually not Easmin here today but her daughter. With a new job and a move to a new house not too long ago, finding the time to sit down and blog has been pretty difficult.
I can’t say that I’ll be posting all the time but I will try my hardest to guest blog as often as possible, but without further ado – here are some Natural, Ramadan friendly hay fever remedies!

With the month of Ramadan and summer in full swing, for hay fever sufferers it’s hard to find a way to enjoy the pleasant but rare weather without waking up with golf ball eyes. Without stating the obvious, we can’t eat anything to help with the hay fever struggle during our fasts so what are our alternatives?!
Being someone who struggles with hay fever myself, particularly itchy eyes, here are some natural remedies which I have found have given me almost instant relief.

1) Green Tea
Who said anything about drinking?
For anyone who suffers with itchy, puffy eyes. This will be your SAVIOUR.
Many people do not know that Green Tea is a natural antihistamine,
And whilst drinking it will help to combat the pollen from the inside,
The buggers that have managed to wager their way into your eyes causing redness, puffiness and itchiness can often be the hardest to get rid of.  

This method cleans out anything which may have entered your eyes, as well as soothing itchiness and reducing puffiness / inflammation of the eye due to the antioxidants of the tea. 
Step 1) Boil 2 green tea bags and let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes
Step 2) Pour the Tea into a water bottle and keep the tea bags separate
Step 3) Keep the water bottle in your fridge for as long as it takes for the tea to go cold
Step 4) Dip a cotton pad into the tea and use the excess that falls off the pad as natural drops for your eyes.

Do this 2 times a day, when you wake up and when you go to sleep and I assure you, it will save your life as it has mine many a times.

Using eye drops during Ramadan can be controversial, with matters of fiqh there are always differences of opinion, the direct teaching which states that it is permissible can be found here –  again, there can be a difference of opinion but Allah knows best.

2) Green Tea Bags   
 We’re still stuck on Green Tea.  Keep the tea bags from the eye wash you created above and keep them in the fridge too. Place them on your eyes for around 10 minutes for instant relief whenever you have the urge to itch!

3) Olive oil
Putting some Olive oil / Vaseline around your Nasal area before stepping out can help to prevent pollen from entering your nose and saving you from having as many sneeze fits we've all sadly become accustomed too.

4) Potato
As potatoes contain starch, they can help to reduce puffiness caused by itchiness and irritation. 
Starch contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help to calm puffiness 
and can help to ease the dreaded ‘golf ball’ eyes.

Step 1)Cut two thin slices of potato and leave them in your fridge, long enough for them to become cold.
Step 2)Place these slices on your eyes for around 10 minutes – applying a cool compress such as a damp towel on top when the slices have become warm.

5) Cucumber
The same principal as Potato- Slice, Freeze, Relax.
Cucumber is known for its properties which aid to wash out and neutralize pollen. The coolness combined with cucumbers anti-inflammatory properties soothe the irritated skin and can help to relieve itchiness and redness. 

Other ways of relieving hay fever-

Back to the basics on this one - 

1)      Wear a pair of sunglasses to stop pollen going into your eyes.
2)       Try your hardest to avoid going out when the pollen count is at its highest  
which is from around  5 AM – 10 AM and again at dusk which isn’t too bad.
3)      Prepare yourself the night before! :
Things to do during Suhoor / Sehri:

Eat / Drink anything with antihistamine properties –
Pollen causes an influx of histamine production in our bodies as the immune system perceives the pollen to be something of a threat, histamine causes inflammation in our bodies and Antihistamines aim to prevent this.

Most of these natural antihistamines listed below can be found in your local supermarket and will most definitely be stored in a Holland & Barrett’s.
-          Green Tea
-          Nettle Tea –  (May seem strange but has said to have been an ancient hay fever remedy)
-          Chamomile Tea
-          Evening Primrose (This can be bought in a capsule form)
-          Ginger (I would advise buying a lemon and ginger tea. It isn’t for everyone, but it makes incorporating ginger into your diet just that little bit easier.)

Sadly, sometimes Natural remedies alone aren’t as pro-active as we hope they could be. Taking an antihistamine tablet as a last resort alongside drinking your favorite herbal tea listed from above could have enough might to be equivalent to the next power couple.

Let me know in the comments below if any of these worked for you or if you have any more tips or natural remedies to share!

Until next time,
Niha x 



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