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Showing posts from November 23, 2014
7 Deadly Sins of Makeup
Hello my loves, a different type of blog post today!
I wanted to share with you all, my 7 deadly Sins of Makeup.
There are things here that I have done and have been guilty of and that I see quite often in others!
so lets spill the beans and get sharing those 7 deadly sins...

1. LUST-
The need for the constant purchase of makeup products, the more expensive the better... right? Nope, not always. I used to be very guilty of doing this and would only spend my hard earned cash on the 'high' end brands.  To tell you the truth, most of what you're paying for is usually the packaging and cost of advertising.. Yes, they do spend money on research and patented scientific breakthroughs but a lot of the cash goes on high end models and celebrity endorsements. They spend our millions on making more millions and its a very profitable circle. I've learnt, It's always sensible to try an find a cheaper alternative and there is most likely another brand without …