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Day in the life of a 'Suchana' MUA for London Fashion Week

Hi Guys!

What gorgeous weather we've having lately.. It looks like Spring is well and truly here :)

It's been a while since I've blogged but things have been busy, busy, busy!

Today's post is all about my behind the scene and being an assistant to Suchana Makeup artist for the Pakistan Fashion Show for London Fashion Week!
Yep! lol somehow I landed in assisting the lovely Suchana at her gig and it was fantastic!

I know everyone gives stick to makeup artist's these days saying they are a dime a dozen but that's such a negative way to look at these amazingly hardworking individual's.
I completely salute these girls who a lot of times are full time mums as Suchana. Many have full time/part-time jobs and do this as a passion whilst working long gruelling hours with heavy cases of make-up & hair styling equipment to lug around along. This occupation also comes with very early starts and lots of standing around in tiny little back rooms with poor ventilation …