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Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation Review in 'Golden'

Hi Ladies!

Yep another post so soon lol :) But I feel a bit more organised today so I thoight I would share with you couple of recent purchase's I made.  I'm especially loving the necklace that you see below, isn't it a beauty?
And not forgetting my lovely drugstore foundation  from  'Max Factor' which this post is all about.
The new addition is their new 'Whipped Creme Foundation' for £7.99. You can buy here

Now since the fall/autumn has come in I've been looking around for a mattish foundation that wouldn't break the bank and I saw this new addition to the Max Factor foundation family and thought why not!
It has been a while since I've bought anything from Max Factor.  There used to be time where I couldn't live without their pressed powder and red lippies back in the day's...

This foundation comes in a lovely glass jar and feels and looks quite sophisticated as you would expect with Max Factor.
The foundation it self is a smooth mouss…