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July Beauty Buys!

Bonjour Ma Cherie! Ohh La la..

Nope I've not gone mad or emigrated to France but I just love the language and summer always reminds me of  gay 'Paris'  but do wish I could speak french fluently but as you can see from above its pretty limited to say the least!  But it does make everything sound a lot more 'tres chic' n'est-ce pas? ;)

Well that's on my bucket list of things do to but today I just wanted to share with you guys my purchases that I picked up during the month of July and what I thought about them. It has been a while since I had gone shopping for make-up so I think it may seem like a hefty haul but its all good as I'm a thrifty shopper who always looks for the bargain's!

So here's my 1st purchase in the month of July! I've finally joined the bandwagon and purchased 1 of the 'Real Techniques' Brushes kit.
This is the Base flawless ~ Core collection brushes.
The core collection is a set of 4 brushes which consist's of …