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Inglot 02M Breathable Nail Polish - A Muslimah's Quandary!

Salaam, Ramadan Mubarak and Hello to all you beautiful people!

Hope everyone's having a fab summer!
We have been blessed with a beautiful summer finally and yes, for some of us who are practicing Muslim's it's also a very special month due to the fact that its Ramadan where we fast from dawn till dusk and it's the month of forgiveness, charity, and reflection...

On that note I know that I've been absent from blogging for a while now and as my last blog post explained this is due to my 16yr old having gone through major stomach surgery :( for more details Click here Thankfully he is doing much better now but I do still feel like I've let my followers down by not posting for such a long time....

So here we go! Today's post is all about the now infamous Inglot 02 Breathable nail polish.
This is quite a controversial nail polish in Muslim circles and there may be some who disagree with my review.

For the last few month's I have been requested to do a rev…