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Showing posts from April 7, 2013

Body Shop... Love's & Hate

Hi Guys! just a quick post about a few of my Body Shop bits that I have been using on and off since Autumn! and thought I would just share my thoughts on them..

The items that I have actually fallen in love with are the 'Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover' & the lovely 'Extra Virgin Mineral's Powder Foundation Brush' (or as we know it a 'Kabuki brush') 

The Camomile Waterproof Make-Up Remover is brilliant! 
I had been looking for a effective eye make-up remover for a while and have tried from the cheapest to the most expensive ones out there and had nearly given up until I came across this tube of magic!

This make -up remover doesn't cost a fortune and has caused no irritation to my very sensitive eye's whooppiie!
It does exactly what it says on the packaging and is an easy no frills addition to my everyday cleansing ritual. 

This cream is cool and gentle on your fragile eye area and I'm guessing that's due to the soothing nature of '…

'Too Faced' Tinted Beauty Balm Review!

Hellooo lovely ladies! and maybe some gent's! today I'm doing a another review of a new addition to my 'Brown Girl's' beauty find's. 

This is the latest BB cream purchased, which I'm really excited about and couldn't wait to share with you all....

The sun was shinning over the weekend and it made me feel like we are slowly creeping towards spring and needing  a bit of colour on our winter skin... Ohh la! la!!

So this is my very 1st product review for the brand 'Too Faced'!  and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this Beauty Balm! 

I had been eyeing this and the 'Smashbox BB Cream' at the larger Boot's store for a while and had tried  both on my face in store and actually liked the feel and consistency of the 'Too Faced'Beauty Balm as I found that the Smashbox BB Cream gave a more flat finish where as this gave a more natural luminous look.

I  decided to not purchase this until my beloved 'Clarin&…