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Nivea's Winter Skin Rescue!!

Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion Review.

Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion £3.50 400ml

With the weather being so cold and miserable its no wonder that we are suffering from dry skin conditions and it can be twice as bad if you have any particular skin condition in colder weather specially with the central heating turned up wayyy high!
Most of you probably have a particular body moisturiser that you love to use and its something that most people don't really think twice about but for me it's been a different story until now, all that has changed thank's to this Body Lotion.

I love this Nivea Nourishing Body Lotion and was recently introduced to it via the 'In Style Mini Magazine Best Beauty Buys 2013 giude' which Ipicked up in John Lewis. 
All the products within it are voted by 182 industry experts in Beauty and to my surprise there are quite a few products which I'm using alrea…

Kohl Yourself Beautiful?

'Chanel classic Parisian tailoring combined with Eastern opulence.  heavily kohl rimmed eyes and highlights of glistening gold.' - Easy Living
Arabian Night's, Princess Jasmine,Cleopatra, Beyonce to Kim Kardashian all have favoured the kohl to add a touch of the exotic, mystery & seduction... 

Being from South Asian Heritage I have always worn kohl or as I knew it kajal/eyeliner
It is one piece of make-up you will always find on me and its probably what I would say is my desert island must have!

It's what make's my tired eye's look alive when I've had a bad night and no look is complete without a quick roll of it around the top of my eye's to make it pop! it does the job of a mascara when used around and under the upper lid too..

We all know now that most people will have some form of the kohl in their make-up bag. It comes in so many forms from powder, pencil to liquid but its not a new phenomenon! 

The modern day Kohl is a distant friend of the origina…