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Bobbi Brown BB Cream Review

Not so great BB!

What does a woman do when her favourite tinted moisturiser's not available in the shade she loves? She does the most obvious and looks for an answer in her other favourite brand  'Bobbi Brown'.
But nooo what a disappointment!
Bobbi Brown let herself down in a big way with this and its going to upset some people that I'm saying this but for me this particular 'BB Cream' was a major flop.... boo hoo

So what is a BB Cream I hear you say? 
Well for the people who don't know yet and I'm sure there aren't that many people left who haven't heard of this cult product which had taken over for some as an alternative to foundations/tinted moisturiser's here in the UK. 

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm. Has its origins in German Pharmaceutical(which is supposed to moisturise, heal, protect, give coverage with SPF) and has been a staple in Asia for a number of years and has been making its presence felt over here for the past a few of years.