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Don't I know that already?! ...

Surviving Winter And Feeling Good! There are always things that we know we should be doing to help ourselves...
We say to ourselves 'Don't I know that already?
BUT knowing whats good for you and doing it is another thing... Right!
Right! so here we go..

Drink plenty of water..... Yes, H2O really is a girls best friend! 

Drink plenty of water.what with having the the central heating on, air conditioning turned up high along with the bitter cold & wind which wrecks havoc with our skin & hair, it also causes  dehydration which in turn can make us cranky and is also one of the main contributor for muscle cramps.
Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will compensate for  some of the damage.
It is also said that drinking 1 to 2 glasses of water before a meal will reduce your intake of food which is a helping hand to go long with any diet you maybe on.
Drinking plenty of water will also stop you from feeling lethargic & tired which is common in winter due to all the stodgy heavy…

My top 5 Tinted Moisturiser/BB Creams

Its funny how so many Magazines and Beauty Counter MUA's at Department store's will tell you that during winter you need to wear a foundation rather then a Tinted Moisturiser or BB Cream. 
I would say that is completely untrue and everyone is different when it comes to their own skin care...
I have spent more then a few days at beauty counters being pushed and cajoled into making pricey purchases on foundations that I don't need or want so here I have decided that I will give a run down of alternatives to Foundations for everyday use.

Most will say that Foundations  give you choice of a more matt or no glow base which is more suited to the winter look as the Summer look is more suited to the natural and glowy skin... This is true to a certain point as most Foundation ranges do offer you the choice of Matt, Luminous or Natural Glow finish which Tinted Moisturiser's and BB Cream's don't.
On this occasion I'm sitting on the wall on this as I still haven't f…