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Easy home made mini facial.

What girl doesn't like to be pampered?!  But sometimes life it too hectic what with kids, jobs, chores and everything else to accommodate we never seem to be able to get that 'me' 10 minutes. 
Which I fondly call the 'me moments!'

This is my 'me moment' which costs next to nothing.. So go ahead girls have a go!

Home-made mini facial. (Only time I can do this is in the bath) once a week if I'm lucky!
You will need: Mild olive oil Sugar Greek Yogurt 1 Egg
Step 1. Wash face with regular face wash in tepid water.
Step 2. Soak a flannel in a clean bowl filled with hand hot water (Or in clean bath water) Place clean hot flannel on face to open pores. (Repeat at least 5 times)
Step 3. Massage face with warmed mild olive oil. (You can place the actual bottle in your bath water to warm)  do not rinse off 
Step 4. Exfoliate using half a tea spoon of regular sugar (place on wet hands and rub until the granules feel comfortable enough to rub onto face) only apply to nose, che…