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Women2Women Market 'Pamper Funday Bazaar' & 'MUAFinder' Launch/Photoshoot

Hello lovelies!

Just wanted to share some more recent work that I did on the runway for the event organised by Women2Women Market - "Supporting Women in Business" link here and the launch for the online portal MUAfinder ‘online-directory’ website you can find their link here MUAFINDER is set to be the biggest make-up artist (MUA), hairstylist and beauty director as one of their brand Ambassador. 

Gorgeous accessories by the lovely Ishy Haq you can find her Instagram link here and her Facebook link here. She is a complete sweetheart who loaned me these beautiful piece's for the launch/shoot. 

Hope you enjoy!
MUAFINDER LAUNCH/PHOTOSHOOT +Central Hoxton Shoreditch Studios - London's Home Ltd. ON 15TH SEPT 2015 

Women2Women Market 'Pamper Funday Bazaar'  +London Muslim Centre on 17th October 2015
Photography by Samira Lamhamdi "Samira Shooting" you can find her Facebook link here
Outfits by 'Aidah London' you can find their Facebook link here and thei…
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Hair & Makeup with 'Sapnay' School of Dance and Winter's Catwalk ~ Raising Funds for Syria.

Hello lovely people!

It's been a long while since I've done a blog post here and have completed neglected my little blog.

It's been busy, busy year with me returning to my Nhs career after a 10 year sabbatical along with also trying to fit in as much work as possible with my journey as a MUA.

Today's post is about my work from the runway for charity show organised by the lovely Kajol Ali Mua 'Winter's Runway ~ Raising Funds for Syria and some backstage image's from my work with 'Sapnay' school of Dance where I worked with the youngest face's ever! So, So adorable <3

Thank you for visting!

Much love until next time.

Easmin xx


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The National Asian Wedding Show with Ksavi Professional Hair & Makeup Team.

Hi lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog and hello to long winter nights!

Today's post is all about my exciting weekend at 'The National Asian Wedding Show' in Excel, London, working as a team member with Shetal Joshi of Ksavi Celebrity Hair & Makeup, you can find her Website link here and her facebook page link here.

It really was a wonderful opportunity and experience working with Ksavi Celebrity Hair & Makeup team as a I try and build my own professional portfolio of work as a makeup artist.
You will see some of my show related work in this post and you can find me on my facebook page 'Makeup By Em' link here  or you can follow me on my 'Makeup By Em' instagram account here or my 'Ohh So Peachy' instagram account here
We had a awesome team of hair & makeup artist's to get 20 and more models ready for the catwalk and various stand models including Ksavi's own stand showcasing her service as a outstandingly talented MUHA.

It was am…

My winter skincare SOS

Hi Lovelies!

This is a longish post about my personal beauty routine for morning and night which has been highly requested via Facebook and Instagram from some of my lovely friends & followers!

My routine like most people changes seasonally and as my skin requires but recently I have made a very conscious change in product selection. This has been since I've found out about certain brands which are pro Israel and support the horrific situation in Palestine/Gaza and some who make huge monetary contributions towards arming the Israel army.

I will only mention the few brands that I've chosen not to use any longer because of the above but not go into whole list of boycotted companies as this post isn't about that but if anyone is interested then you can have a peek for a whole list of companies provided by another blogger here

My routine as a mum is pretty basic and quick as I have minutes really to do them but they need to be efficient as I have difficult oily combinatio…

Natural Ramadan-friendly Hay fever remedies

Hey loves.  It's actually not Easmin here today but her daughter. With a new job and a move to a new house not too long ago, finding the time to sit down and blog has been pretty difficult. I can’t say that I’ll be posting all the time but I will try my hardest to guest blog as often as possible, but without further ado – here are some Natural, Ramadan friendly hay fever remedies!
With the month of Ramadan and summer in full swing, for hay fever sufferers it’s hard to find a way to enjoy the pleasant but rare weather without waking up with golf ball eyes. Without stating the obvious, we can’t eat anything to help with the hay fever struggle during our fasts so what are our alternatives?! Being someone who struggles with hay fever myself, particularly itchy eyes, here are some natural remedies which I have found have given me almost instant relief.
1) Green Tea Who said anything about drinking? For anyone who suffers with itchy, puffy eyes. This will be your SAVIOUR. Many people do not kn…
7 Deadly Sins of Makeup
Hello my loves, a different type of blog post today!
I wanted to share with you all, my 7 deadly Sins of Makeup.
There are things here that I have done and have been guilty of and that I see quite often in others!
so lets spill the beans and get sharing those 7 deadly sins...

1. LUST-
The need for the constant purchase of makeup products, the more expensive the better... right? Nope, not always. I used to be very guilty of doing this and would only spend my hard earned cash on the 'high' end brands.  To tell you the truth, most of what you're paying for is usually the packaging and cost of advertising.. Yes, they do spend money on research and patented scientific breakthroughs but a lot of the cash goes on high end models and celebrity endorsements. They spend our millions on making more millions and its a very profitable circle. I've learnt, It's always sensible to try an find a cheaper alternative and there is most likely another brand without …